Experimental zine suitcase needs zines!

Art Friends (After Dark)

8 PM THIS SATURDAY: January 26, 2013 


The zine suitcase is a portable distribution center.

Announcement from Rachel

January 22, 2013

This week welcomes the first organized community event from Art Beacon in collaboration with the Des Moines Social Club and Mars Cafe. On Saturday, January 26th, bring your drawing supplies to Mars Cafe and engage in hours of drawing with fellow art loving, good-looking people. We’ve promised a ZINE PRODUCTION WORKSHOP. This means we will make zines! You can draw, scan and print a small run of something created on the spot. Learn to make a zine from a single piece of paper. Help fill up the new zine suitcase distribution center with a whole lot of independently printed matter. This collective effort is an experiment. Help decide the future and fate of the zine collective by participating. Currently, the suitcase holds three sizes of zines:


Zines will be distributed by trade or donation. Proceeds will fund future zine experiments and material costs. This is the event poster:


Facebook Event

Any way, hope you can make it. See ya Saturday.



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    I think we need a zine suitcase too. Look at that thing! Genius!
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    This weekend the zine suitcase will be at Art Friends After Dark at Mars Cafe. There will also be figure drawing and...
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