I stole Tony Fehrer’s art.

Creative Cocktails with Tony Fehrer

May 7, 2012

Response by Rachel

May 8, 2012

Dear Mr. Fehrer,

I stole your work of art. I stole a plastic bottle with a red cap filled with blue water with a starbucks cup on top filled with stir sticks. You made it, I stole it without getting a certificate. You told me that’s how you really truly own a work of conceptual art. And I asked how that really works. If a work can exist in multiple forms, even an idea in my head, but I can not own it without a certificate.  And to be very honest, I am very much supportive of the idea that MOMA owns a certificate that says that a work of art that can exist as an idea, even an idea that is in a memory in my mind, is owned by them only. I think that is a paradox, but I believe it. And I believe it because art is open and possible in any form. But I still think its crazy. Your prescription for how to be a successful artist is not original. I have heard it before. It is still refreshing to hear, but also lacks a true thing. I believe what you say. And will follow what you conveyed because I see no other path to follow. I thank you for the workshop you gave with gin and tonic. I am very respectful and worshiping every word spoken from an established artist.  Your charisma and enthusiasm was inspiring,  however I still wonder about the market and being a such an a such artist filling a niche and being recognized. I am not going to move to New York. I am in Des Moines. It is my new city. It is were I want the art world to be. There is space here. It is cheap. I am feeling idealistic about this place. Tony Feher, thank you so much for opening this portal of dialogue. I know it is both bullshit and real. I know that art can be so many things and especially really fucked up. 

Tony Fehrer, I will not try to sell your work of art. My stealing it was part of your work of art any way. I get that or something. However, thank you so much for being poor as long as you were, thank you so much for telling me that it’s ok, and thank you for sharing your vision with Des Moines. I am really going to indulge in sharing your exhibition with kids and parents and people and anyone I tour through the art center. And thank you for letting me steal you art. I really want to change how art is viewed in Des Moines. I want everyone to love it, value it and think it it is a valuable investment. You were inspiring, awesome and great. Des Moines is and will be the future new art mecca recognized by Roberta Smith, her husband Jerry Saltz, Michael Kimmelman who was here a few weeks ago. We have land and buildings on the cheap, we have an overwhelmingly supportive arts community, shit we helped get Barak Obama elected, for better or worse. Thank you, thank you, thank you and I am sorry for stealing your art.




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